Our Story

Hello future members of the vGoose flock!
Lord Goosington here to tell you the tale of just how vGoose came to be…

A long time ago in a sky far far away…

My fellow geese and I were flying all around the world in the typical v-formation which us geese are rather fond of.

You may wonder why we fly in this fashion. Well…we do so in order to conserve energy as a team and move forward at a faster and more efficient manner! An ideal scenario for any burgeoning business wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, I digress. As we scoured the globe, the same sad image presented itself. Passionate entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses being held back by IT troubles and having to pay extortionate fees for support.

After seeing one too many frustrated small business owners, I decided enough was enough and embarked on setting up an affordable subscription based IT support service!

This was no small feat…

As we had to traverse the hurdles of helping humans get over the fact that us geese were of the anthropomorphic variety!

You can only imagine their confusion when they were met with my particular vernacular of the Queen’s English.

We also had to attain citizenship and geese rights (which will be storylines explored on out social media pages) but eventually vGoose was formed!


We achieved our goal. Now, all of the IT services your company could ever need can be attained for just £19.99 per month per user ex VAT!

Our team including the likes of Goose Lee, Inspector Gooseau, Ryan Gosling and of course myself, Lord Goosington will be here whenever you’re ready to join the gaggle!

When you do, we’ll set up or migrate your emails across all devices, set up your office 365 and if you ever encounter a problem, we’re just a phone call away for unlimited remote support.

And so the tale of vGoose begins…Don’t wing it when it comes to your IT Support and Services!